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I am a passionate and fiery soul. I am an educator, a motivator, a leader in my community and a woman dedicated to making a difference in the lives of everyone I come in contact with. Growing up as a little girl, I yearned for a better life; and although I used my education and sports to earn it, I always knew I wanted to walk in my purpose and do something worth living for. 


I WANT TO DO WHAT INSPIRES ME and that inspiration is my dedication to helping parents, players and professionals reach their dreams.

Author of Raising A Pro
LaKita Gantz Raising a Pro Cover Page


A guide to help athletes and parents dive deeper in their quest to become a professional.

LaKita “TheCoach” Gantz dives into the life of a sports parent as they navigate their thoughts, questions and emotions of being one of the few people who believe in their children from the start. Using her expertise as a former athlete, coach, recruiter, evaluator, and current parent of a Division I student-athlete, “Raising A Pro” focuses on helping sports parents and their children balance the challenges and adversities that stand side by side with the game of life and the game they play. 

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